TSUTSUMI IN JAPANは、日本の伝統包みに潜む、固有の文化や精神性、デザインについて考察し、そこから新たな時代の光明への手がかりを探求し、視覚的に発信するウェブサイトです。




神戸芸術工科大学 教授


合同会社MIHA 代表 / 神戸芸術工科大学 非常勤講師


この企画の一部は、JSPS科研費 JP16K00730の助成を受けたものです。

About this Website

The Tsutsumi in Japan website visually presents the unique culture, spirituality and design inherent in traditional Japanese packaging and goes on to explore how this can shine positive light on future generations.

Japanese packaging embodies a culture of design that boldly reflects diverse influences from nature, climate, and tradition. In times gone by, traditional packaging was once deeply integrated into daily life. This was a time when the wisdom of sustainability was at the heart of Japanese life, a time when the social system was in harmony with the ecosystem. However, with the subsequent decay of local culture brought on by rapid economic development and urbanization, much of traditional packaging that was once a crystallization of daily wisdom has disappeared.

Taking the view that visible changes in the ecosystem and environment directly affect ethics, values and culture, we believe we can find a new abundance and fulfillment through the harmonization of a social system with an ecosystem that includes people.

Taking the treasure-trove of cultural nuggets found in traditional packaging, we aim to uncover its aesthetic origins and universal roots in order to propose—through a creative mix of text and images—a fresh approach intended to foster a life of abundance and sustainability.

Yuko Araki

Professor, Kobe Design University

Jumpei Ohe

Director, MIHA Ltd., part-time lecturer at Kobe Design University

This project was partly funded by JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research JP 16K 00730.